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Social Media Applicant


Social Media Manager Job Description

The Social Media Manager will assist the Rose Rags social media marketing and advertising.
Administration includes but is not limited to:

·         Deliberate planning and goal setting

·         Development of brand awareness and online reputation

·         Content management

·         SEO (search engine optimization) and generation of inbound traffic

·         Cultivation of leads and sales

The Social Media Manager is a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and a passion for connecting with current and future customers. That passion comes through as he/she engages with customers on a daily basis, with the ultimate goal of turning fans into customers.

Community leadership and participation (both online and offline) are integral to a Social Media Manager’s success. An essential component is communicating the company’s brand in a positive, authentic way what will attract today’s modern, hyper-connected buyers.

The Social Media Manager is instrumental in managing the company’s content-related assets. Google’s #1 search ranking factor is relevant content (content that serves the searchers needs the best). It’s clear then that managing content should be part of the Social Media Manager’s Job Description.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Possesses knowledge and experience of traditional marketing.

  • Demonstrates creativity

  • Experience sourcing and managing content development and publishing.

  • Maintains excellent writing and language skills.

  • Enjoys a working knowledge of the blogging ecosystem relevant to the company’s field.

  • Is a team player with the confidence to take the lead and guide when necessary. (ie: content development, creation and editing of content, and online reputation management)

    This position is currently an unpaid internship - working is all remotely. Lunches and cab fare will be provided if necessary

Please Apply By Sending Us An Email With The Following Information:


Subject: Social Media Application

Body MUST include:

  • Your Instagram /Social handle.

  • Example Accounts Handled

  • Any other experiences

  • A little about yourself (Where are you from, age, etc) & why you want to be apart of Rose Rags

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