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Beauty Editor Application

The beauty editor keeps on top of all of the upcoming beauty trends, attends loads of events, trials products,  and comes up with fresh article ideas to inspire the reader. They come up with concepts for beauty photo shoots, hair & budgeting!

  • Create beauty, skin, hair, and style posts for online publishing

  • Provide skin care and hair care tips for women in monthly circulated magazines

  • Create original beauty contents and testify them with videos and graphics

  • Contribute unique ideas in making the posts vibrant and lively

  • Strive to grab readers' attention in articles and engage them from starting to the end

  • Edit and provide high-quality articles complementing with graphics and photographs

  • Use social media platforms for creating awareness about magazine

  • Contacted retailers and personally tried their beauty products

  • Enhanced the looks of magazine with relevant photographs and graphics

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  • A little about yourself (Where are you from, age, etc)

  • Why you want to be apart of Rose Rags?

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This position is currently an unpaid internship
However - items may be offered! Lunches and/or cab fare will be provided if necessary

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